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hummingbird feeders

Do hummingbird feeders bug anyone else? I can’t stand them. How come feeding bears or deer is bad but feeding other wild animals refined sugar and artificial colors is okay? How is this good for them? What happens when people go on vacation and the b...

Penny Nyunt comments 14 May 20, 2012 9 PM

what is your all time favorite native plant?

Favorite native plant anyone?

Penny Nyunt comments 5 Feb 13, 2012 10 PM

birds meet windows

Does anyone have a good way to prevent birds from hitting windows? I am so sad. I have found 3 birds this year that collided with the glass. I have a native wildlife garden and want to help out the wildlife but my house is a death trap for them. I wa...

Penny Nyunt comments 5 Jul 07, 2011 11 AM

to spray or not to spray

I hate all this star thistle and brome and filary. I would love to hand weed the whole place, however I can not make a thousand of myself. I hate it when people just flatly refuse to consider using herbicides. I don’t like it either but you can’t sto...

Penny Nyunt comments 10 Apr 09, 2011 11 PM