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CA Natives that Work in the PNW

I wanted to share some success stories of growing CA natives in rainy Western Oregon. I've only been doing this for a couple of years, and the plants I'm reporting have been in the ground for maybe 9-18 months. That said, it doesn’t take long to de...

oregongrape comments 1 Mar 01, 2014 10 AM

Eriogonum fasciculatum foliolosum

Does this plant like to be pruned back at all? I want to use it near a walkway. However I think it might need a pruning back now and again to keep it clear of the path.

sagescrubcub comments 5 Sep 17, 2013 1 PM

Growing Salvia clevelandii in a Container

I've been wanting to grow a medium/large salvia for some time, but (1) I don’t have an unoccupied area in the ground that gets over 6 hours of full sun and (2) I think that the combo of our heavy winter rain and clay may pose problems with Alpine or ...

oregongrape comments 5 Feb 26, 2013 10 AM

Removing fertilizer from soil?

There’s an area on the northwest side of my house that gets partial/full sun and is located far from my lawn (it’s covered with wood chips). The soil is clay, but the drainage is good. I thought that this might be a good spot to try a Louis Edmunds...

oregongrape comments 2 Jan 26, 2013 4 PM

Seeking planting advice

I'm looking for a relatively thin large shrub or small tree that would fit in a dry-ish clay spot that gets the lower end of full sun in the summer. I'd strongly prefer a Western U.S. native that won’t exceed 15' height and 6' width in 10 years. Fa...

oregongrape comments 26 Jan 06, 2013 5 PM

Bermuda Grass :(

Does anyone have any tips on how to keep bermuda grass out of the garden? I have a residential lot in Bakersfield, and when we moved in, we replaced the front lawn with native plants. The only problem is that the bermuda grass keeps coming back. I...

jackalope66 comments 11 Oct 15, 2012 11 AM

Moving to the desert!

My yard in California is CA natives, but now I am moving to Arizona. My new location is the Mohave Desert and is at a 3200' elevation. Evening temps i...

ca-nativeintemecula comments 14 Oct 14, 2012 5 PM

Does this happen often?

Baccharis pilularis seems to love my yard. I believe before I even started ripping up my lawn and planting natives, there was a volunteer that started...

nativesteve comments 4 Oct 03, 2012 8 AM

A bean bag an elephant sat on

My Canyon Prince wild rye is about two years old. The Las Pilitas website says if you overwater it then it will look like a bean bag an elephant sat on. I almost never water mine and it looks like a bean bag an elephant sat on. Exactly like a bean...

gregofthebear comments 5 Oct 02, 2012 4 PM

Chilopsis linearis

Hi everyone! I've got two Chilopsis linearis “Burgundy,” planted here in San Diego. One is in the front and doing great, while the other in the back, ...

nativesteve comments 8 Sep 14, 2012 8 AM

Propagation by Stem Cuttings

Have any of you had success propagating your CA natives by cuttings? What techniques, materials, products, and success have you had? This is a pictu...

maria comments 8 Aug 12, 2012 8 PM

Poison Oak

I know how and why to eradicate poison oak. Before I destroy any plant, I like to know the implications of my actions. Do any of you helpful plant p...

jj77 comments 6 Aug 02, 2012 12 PM

What's your experience of deer?

I love the deer; they love rooting in the oak leaves and eating any new green shoots. I have not found anything they truly leave alone (except the invasive pampas, of course). I have Bert’s list of deer resistant plants, and am watching them being e...

jj77 comments 5 Jul 03, 2012 10 AM

ladybugs on oregano

One day I went out to gather some oregano and there were ladybugs, and larvae and pupae on almost every leaf! It was amazing (oh, and a few aphids fo...

sparkplug comments 2 Jul 02, 2012 8 PM

Red Biting Ants!

Twice now this year I've been bitten by red ants while gardening. I don’t usually mind bugs in the garden, but this is getting personal! Any suggestions to get rid of them?

maya. comments 7 Jun 30, 2012 8 AM

Interesting Native Plant Blogs

I recently found a blog by Jeffrey Caldwell, (he’s a biologist horticulturist). It’s not currently being maintained, but I really enjoyed reading some of his older essays. http://jeffreycaldwell.blogspot.com/2004/12/wildlife-garden-planning-tips-fe...

maya. comments 0 Jun 27, 2012 6 PM

Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain Pump

Does anyone have experience or advice about selecting a solar powered bird bath fountain pump? I want to add a bird bath to the school garden. The ga...

maria comments 0 Jun 26, 2012 1 PM

HOA is giving us the green light to go native...

but I do not know where to go for help! I live in a huge HOA (350 homes) with tons of space and I don’t know enough about native plants to make intel...

MimisGarden comments 6 May 24, 2012 4 PM

hummingbird feeders

Do hummingbird feeders bug anyone else? I can’t stand them. How come feeding bears or deer is bad but feeding other wild animals refined sugar and artificial colors is okay? How is this good for them? What happens when people go on vacation and the b...

Penny Nyunt comments 14 May 20, 2012 9 PM

Great article, how native plants raised test scores

http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-bird-school-20120416,0,2013311,full.story Hello all! Great story, I'm not sure of the protocol here, hope it’s OK to post this here. By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times April 16, 2012 Biological diversity d...

maya. comments 12 Apr 16, 2012 11 PM

The Business Side of CA Native Plants

So I think I'll be the first to bring up this unpleasant topic – money; it makes the world go ‘round but who wants to think about money when there are beautiful plants to enjoy? Well, we all want there to be more beautiful plants to enjoy, especiall...

gregofthebear comments 5 Apr 10, 2012 1 PM

dendromecon hartfordii is being munched

we have a dendromecon harfordii that’s almost a year old. It grew amazingly this last season, but we've had to fight off numerous munch attacks by thin green caterpillars. Any idea what kind they might be, and what we should do about them? Is it a la...

macarena comments 5 Mar 02, 2012 2 AM

Heath Family

So the heath family (Ericaceae) seems quite amazing. Manazanitas I'm most familiar with, and they are most common in the nurseries, but are the others worth planting too or are the manzanitas so varied and beautiful that it’s better to just stick...

gregofthebear comments 2 Feb 18, 2012 6 AM

what is your all time favorite native plant?

Favorite native plant anyone?

Penny Nyunt comments 5 Feb 13, 2012 10 PM


Bought a few vegetable seeds from Bountiful Gardens, and they showed up very quickly, and am really excited to plant them. About 1-2 months ago I planted out some Tuscan kale and some Red Russian Kale and they are growing fine, but still small, as...

sparkplug comments 4 Jan 23, 2012 4 PM
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